Why Visit Pho King Great Cannabis?

Why Visit Pho King Great Cannabis?

Recreational cannabis flower.
Recreational cannabis flower

With so many cannabis shops to choose from, it can be a challenge to find a shop that sets itself apart from the rest. From various categories of products, different price points and sometimes questionable customer service, it can be hard to find a place that meets expectations. At Pho King Great Cannabis, we have worked hard to maintain a large variety of products at extremely affordable prices, and, from some of the best suppliers in the state. We also take pride in our exceptional customer service (check out our 5 star rating on Google) and the depth of our employees knowledge and willingness to help educate our customers, should they choose. All this for a great experience at Pho King Great Cannabis!


Wading through the endless abyss of companies and products can be a daunting task for some people, which is why all of our suppliers are thoroughly vetted by the staff before their product reaches our shelves. Do you have a certain preference on flavors or scents? We have you covered. Preferences on concentrate consistencies? We can let you know what the concentrate you are considering looks and smokes like. Would you like to purchase a cartridge? We have distillate, cured and live resin as well as live rosin cartridges to choose from! We are extremely proud to carry some of Maine’s most quality driven suppliers and constantly update our menu to meet varying customers’ requirements. Some of the suppliers we carry are:

• OG Hydrofarms
• Stoner & Co.
• Calendar Islands Cannabis Co.
• Firefly Organics
• Zero Gravity
• Brilliant Buds
• Green Fellas
• Flamingo Fine Cannabis
• Refine
• Iron Lung
• Northeast Concentrates
• Blue Sky Labs

And more! We also carry and stock a large variety of pipes and water pipes ranging from dichromatic hand pipes to full-set, ready to go concentrate rigs. We have a variety of cleaning products from 710 Cleaner to Glob Mop XLs. We also carry accessories and games too!


Sick of toking on pre-rolls that are packed with trim? Yeah, we are too. No low quality products on our shelves. We strive to make sure that your bags are always frosty, stinky, and dank. All our concentrates are stored in a cooler to preserve their terpenes. Every pre-roll you smoke, we smoke too. Here at Pho King Great Cannabis, we not only sell cannabis, but we also love cannabis too! We believe that you should love everything that you take home, and we back our products 100%. If you have issues with anything, we will do our best to ensure that it is still a smooth end-experience. As per Maine state law, everything is tested for bacteria, fungus, yeast, mold and more! You can feel confident knowing that you will be purchasing good, clean products, every time.


Some folks know exactly what they want when they walk in our shop, while others don’t. Then we have those who just love to chat cannabis – we do, too! We passionately believe in the science behind the plant, whether you are looking to partake for recreational purposes or other medicinal purposes, we are incredibly open about our products. You will find that our in-store flower menu contains everything you could need to know about what you will be purchasing including the flower’s dominant terpenes. Our concentrates and cartridges are coordinated on the menu, separated by distillate, live and cured resin, and rosin. We know all the genetics for our products and have knowledge of the Entourage Effect and how it works for anyone that would like to learn more. We also carry educational pamphlets on using concentrates and are willing to explain all the processes such as heating and cooling your nails, choosing the correct concentrate for your needs and the correct nail/pipe type to suit your needs. If you have questions, you can always feel comfortable asking – this is a judgement free storefront.

In an ever-evolving industry, it takes a lot to stand out from the rest. We believe that with the love and passion that goes into our storefront, our little slice of heaven will find itself stuck in your memory. From our customer service to the our experience—the quality to the savings, we hope you love Pho King as much as we do. From us to you, with appreciation —

We are Pho King Great Cannabis.

By: Rafael Cabrera, Pho King Great Cannabis