Maine’s Recreational Cannabis Sales Hit All-Time High

Maine’s Recreational Cannabis Sales Hit All-Time High

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Maine’s recreational cannabis industry continues to set new records. State sale data show transactions have increased over the last three months.

Sales in July hit nearly $21 million dollars, a number that hasn’t been seen in Maine since recreational cannabis became available at the end of 2020. May and June also broke state records, with sales respectively hitting $17 and $18 million dollars.

John Hudak, the director of Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy, said customers are getting more comfortable with buying recreationally after the industry got off to a slow start due to launching during the coronavirus pandemic.

“People see the products that are on the shelves in Maine as ones that meet their needs,” he said. “And they’re comfortable with the businesses across Maine, in terms of how they’re conducting themselves and the products that they’re putting on their shelves.”

Hudak said businesses continue to open up as more towns allow recreational sales. But there’s risk of the market becoming oversaturated if there are too many places to choose from, he said.

By: Caitlin Andrews | Maine Public