How To Choose The Perfect Cannabis Strain?

How to Choose the Perfect Cannabis

How To Choose The Perfect Cannabis Strain
Cannabis varieties deliver different effects, depending on THC, CBD and other elements. Speak with one of Pho King’s knowledgeable and friendly Budtenders today!


With hundreds of cannabis strains out there and new ones being bred all the time, cannabis consumers might wonder how to choose the perfect cannabis strain. While every strain will give you a range of positive effects and benefits, each one is a little different in terms of potency, flavor, and the kind of high it’ll give you.

Realistically, there isn’t a single perfect cannabis strain for everyone. The right choice largely depends on what kind of effects you’re looking for, your tolerance, and your preference of flavor. Still, knowing exactly what to look for and what to expect from each strain can go a long way in finding the perfect strain for your needs. Here’s a guide on how to choose the perfect cannabis strain.


One of the most important factors when choosing a cannabis strain is what kind of effects it’ll give you. Each strain is a little different in terms of effects – although all of them can give you a satisfying high. While it can be tricky to know exactly how a strain will make you feel before you smoke it, you can still get an idea of what to expect from each strain before buying.

Consumers often make their choice easier by deciding between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Indica strains are famed for inducing a more soothing and sedating high – better for full-body relaxation and chilling out in the evening. Sativa strains are said to offer an uplifting high that boosts energy and enhances the mind. Hybrid strains offer a balance of indica and sativa effects.

Even though choosing between these types of cannabis can help, they can’t tell you everything. The best way to know what to expect from a strain is to read product descriptions. Fortunately, you can do this via our online cannabis menu.

Medical Benefits

Many people enjoy weed for recreational purposes. The mind-enhancing effects can enhance your senses, mood, and focus while the physical effects can help you relax and unwind. But while these effects are great for enjoying yourself, many people also use them to target certain medical ailments.

Physically relaxing strains can help with issues such as chronic pain, inflammation, headaches, migraines, and insomnia. Mentally uplifting strains are good for counteracting symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. Hybrid strains are often the most versatile medical marijuana strains as they help with a range of physical and medical issues.

Once again, the best way to choose the right strain to target your symptoms is to read product descriptions and find one that delivers the effects you need. For instance, those looking to counteract stress and insomnia might find that an indica-dominant hybrid like Granddaddy Purple is best for them.



Choosing a cannabis strain based on its effects will help, but many strains offer similar effects and you might have trouble choosing between them. However, another factor that often comes into play when finding the right cannabis strain is how it tastes. Every strain has a different flavor when you smoke or vape it, so it’s good to find one that suits your taste.

The flavor of each strain largely comes down to the terpenes it contains. Terpenes are naturally-occurring aromatic compounds that contribute to the aroma, taste, and even the effects of each strain. For instance, strains high in limonene often taste citrusy whereas strains high in myrcene generally taste earthy and spicy.

It’s best to try a range of strains to see what kind of cannabis flavors you enjoy. Sometimes you might be in the mood for a sweet-tasting strain like Animal Cookies whereas other times you might prefer a spicy, earthy strain like Phoenix. Some strains even carry hints of coffee, chocolate, skunk, cheese, or pine.


When deciding which cannabis strain to buy, you should also consider how potent it is. Strains that are high in THC will most likely hit you harder and give you stronger effects. These are good for experienced users but can also be helpful for medical users who need something potent to counteract their symptoms.

Dispensaries and cannabis stores provide details on how much THC each strain contains. Generally, strains with THC levels of 20% or higher are powerful strains whereas strains in the 15 to 20% zone are a little more manageable. Some strains offer even lower THC levels, and these are ideal for beginners or those who want a milder high.

Even if you pick a stronger strain, you can avoid getting too high simply by smoking less of it. Sometimes you can also find details on how much CBD a strain contains. CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that dampens the effects of THC and offers a more relaxed, laid-back high. As such, high-CBD strains are often easier to manage.

Perfect Cannabis Strain

How To Choose The Perfect Cannabis Strain

With so many factors to consider, some consumers might find it hard to choose the perfect cannabis strain. However, if you know what kind of effects, flavor, and potency you’re looking for, these factors can help narrow down your choice and find a strain that will satisfy your needs. You might even want to buy multiple strains to try them out and see which one suits you the best.

A good way to choose the right cannabis strain is to order your cannabis online. For instance, our cannabis dispensary in Maine has an online menu that provides details and descriptions for each strain. Checking this information out can help you narrow down your choice and find a suitable marijuana strain.

When visiting a cannabis dispensary, you can also ask the budtenders for help. They can give you recommendations based on what you’re looking for and point you to strains that fit your preferences.


Choosing the perfect cannabis strain for your needs comes down to factors such as the effects, benefits, taste, and potency. Sometimes you might want a strong, fruity indica strain to help them unwind whereas other times you might prefer a mild, earthy sativa strain that enlivens your mind.

It’s worth trying out a range of strains to find your favorites. Luckily, you can find a wide selection of strains and more when you visit a dispensary. For more information on cannabis strains and what to expect from them, check out Pho King Weed Dispensary.